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Still Soul

"Still Soul” arises from the deep and magnetic attraction that abandoned places have always exerted on me and on my photographic curiosity. What I wanted to convey with this work is not (or maybe not only) the undeniable charm of decadence and the architectural beauty of the buildings that I photographed, but rather the residual and indelible traces of a past life which remained firmly anchored there.

Calm and stillness, sometimes disturbing but also reassuring, lurk in these places, as if all the life blood had remained dormant inside the walls or under the worn floors, without ever leaving.

Whether they are old castles or ancient towers, patrician houses, nobles villas, entire buildings or simple country homes overwhelmed by vegetation, these places rather than frighten, seem themselves afraid, seem to hold their breath waiting for a rebirth and a new radiant future. 

They possess and convey a vibrant energy: they still have a soul.

Prints available upon request

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